Kasidei Burdei Bosnevi

  • Kasim Dobrača, ef.


Kasidei Burdei Bosnevi is a literal translation from Arabic language to Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian) of famous Kasida (ode) composed in praise of Mohammed. The original poem in Arabic langu­age was composed by renowned Arabic poet Šerefuddin Ebu Abdullah Muhammed b. Seid called El-Busiri, who lived and worked in Egypt (died in Alexandria in 1294 or according to some data in Kairo, 1296). His verse is full of deep and pure religious feeling and adorned with beautiful expressions. For this reason from start it became wide- soread and accepted by all Islamic people (Arabs and Non-Arabs as well). The poem soon became an everybody's hymn of piety and of spiritual and moral renaissance. It wass partly studied and interpreted in many of our religious schools (Medressas). There isn't any entire translation in Serbo-Croatian of mentioned Kasida except this one that was found (under the upper title) among the Oriental manuscripts in Gazi Husrev-bey's Library (number 4563). There are not any available data about the aut­hor of this translation. According to some vague records, at the end of the manusc­ript, it is possible to say only that the translation dates from 1868. However it is possible, that there were other translations before that year. Judging by the same no­tes, it can be said, and in our point of view, the translator was a certain Halil, son of Ali from Stolac, whose biography is unfortunately unknown to us. The transcriber of the poem did not sign himself. It is a fact, however that this translation was unknown till now, though it is a contribution of a native man to our cultural inheritance, and for this reason it is worth mentioning, at least in a shorter essay. The translator titled the translation: "Kasidei Burdei Bosnevi" i. e. Kasidei Burda in Bosnian language, as all Bosnian and Herzegovinian Muslim writers (and also people of Bosnia) always in the past called their language: "Bosnian". The translator uses Arabic alphabet adap­ted in a certain degree to Serbo-Croatian pronunciation. Conseauently, this is also a contribution to the Alhamiado literature in our country. Language which is used by translator is a characteristic of that time. There are some beautiful old Slavonic expressions, but there are also some archaisms, Arabian and Turkish words. The introductory part was written in Serbo-Croatian verse. This introduction is presented and analysed in this article. Afterwards the translator gives his translation of original text, citing one verse followed by exact translations of two verses.

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