Veliki vezir i pjesnik Ahmed paša Hercegović u poetiziranim hronikama na Osmanskom jeziku

(Contribution to the historiography of the literature)


Ključne riječi:

Ahmed-paša Hercegović, veliki vezir, pjesnik, 15. stoljeće, Herceg Stjepan Kosača, poetske hronike


This work gives us the translation of the part of Hadidi’s poetized Ottoman chronicle from the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century, which deals with waging war and the career of the great vezir Ahmed- pasha Hercegović. Chronicler Hadid, in verses and in detail described even the wounding of Hercegović, his captivity and his liberation, and then his successful career.

Apart being an army commander and high government official, Ahmed-pasha was known also as a legator (waqif). His waqfname which is kept in America give us many details about the organization of his waqfs in the village Hersek and in Kešan. The shrine of the great vezir Ahmed-pasha Hercegović is, unfortunately still in ruins. In this work we want to point out on the fact that the Great vezir Ahmed-pasha, son of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, was a poet. Some of the verses from his poem (kaside) devoted to Sultan Selim Javuz were given.




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