Vid Bosanskog jezika



The Bosnian language has existed in people and in literature at least as long as the Croatian and Serbian language. If it is less known to the general public, the reasons have been of political and not of linguistics nature. Since politics happen to be the measure of all things in these Balkans parts, and omnipresent in all the forms of physical and spiritual life, a non-naming and the absence of acknowledgement of Bosnian language was in a corelation with the political (non) naming of Bosnian nations, and, particularly, of Bosnian Moslems (Bosniaks).There is no doubt that the Croatian and Serbian versions of the current common language are, both nominally and really, two systems in the function of distinct, separate languages.

I consider the Bosnian variant as the Bosnian language having applied the same reasoning. Regardless to the fact that our language is, basically, one language, it is not the single and unique language that can be understood. The Moslem people, regardless how it has been called under the different historical circumstances, had always called its language the Bosnian, both in a common people's speech, and also in literature and numerous linguistics works. The term Bosnian language has been used by the others who had considered themselves to be Bosnians (Bosniaks) without taking into account what it meant (then), to what extent and when. I consider the Bosnian language to be the constituent component of Bosnian Moslem national being, and it is us who determine our language policy with our own view about the new circum- stances in our society. The linguistic pluralism is its social reality and its mutual feature.




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