Štampa i pretpreporodni period Bosanske Muslimanske književnosti.



An emergence of press in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1866 can be seen as a border mark that can be called the Period before the Revival in the literary life of the local Moslems,this time is different from the present one, above all, in terms of language and alphabet. Writing in three oriental languages and in Arabic gradually retreated when confronted with the people's, or mother tongue and the Western scripts Latin and Cyrillic.

The Moslems printed their works in the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian newspapers in their own mother tongue and in a non-Arabic alphabet. These newspapers also presented some literary forms that can be qualified as another meeting of the East and the West. These newspapers also published the first translations from the Western literature. The process of getting closer to the Western cultural circle would be in ascending line in the decades that followed. It ended in our century.




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