Filantropija kod Bosanskih Muslimana sa osobitim osvrtom na pravila dobrotvornih društava na početku XX stoljeća



The issue of charity work in a community cannot be separated from the level of overall organization of that same community. The social and historical circumstances, the development level, but also the domineering ideas that have motivated and oriented its members usually condition it. The charity work in Bosniaks in the based was based both on the understandable social solidarity and also on the religious imperative that had sprung out from the basic principles of Islam.

These principles were the leading idea for the majority of members of this nation, at least in the past. The contemporary answer to the grown needs of the Bosniak people for the social solidarity can be found in leaning on its own tradition that had been founded largely in the institution of legacies /vakufs/, but also in finding the new modalities of philanthropic work that is characteristic for the more developed societies in Western Europe and USA.




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