Prvi svršenici Daru-l-muallimina suradnici Behara



The Provincial Endowment Commission for Bosnian and Herze- govina, which had been appointed by the Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1883 with the task to register all the endowments/vakufs/, to oversee their administration and to propose new set of rules for their governance; established Darul-muallimin in 1891. This was the school meant to educate candidates for teachers /muallims/ in the newly opened schools /mektebi-ibtiadije/ which the Provincial Endowment Commission had also begun to open in some towns and settlements.

The school had three classes. Students from madrasahs were admitted into it. They were supposed to have already studied certain curricula in Arabic and other related Islamic disciplines. The Darul-muallimin graduates were later appointed to work as teachers in mektebi-ibtiadije, where they showed a success in their teaching. Some of them continued their education in the Sharia Law School in Sarajevo. The Darul-muallimin graduates greeted the appearance of the Behar journal in 1900. Some of them gave their contributions in the first year of the journal's appearance /Hafiz Mehmed Ali Dukatar, Murat Hajrović, Hasan Nametak and others/.

In addition to the Behar journal, they also contributed in other Moslem newspapers and journals, such as Muallim, Tarik, Misbah, Mekteb calendar, and others. Most of them became prominent in collecting and publishing of popular oral forms /songs, short stories, idiomatic expressions, as well as in translating from the Oriental languages. They also published their original articles in the journal.




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