Radovi Hamdije Kreševnjakovića i drugih historičara u Beharu



In addition to the literary works, the Behar journal also published the works with topics from history in its eleven years of publication. These works included the papers by Alija Kadić The Main Events from the Islam- ic past, Muhamed Seid Serdarević The Short History of Islam, Abdulah Bušatlić About Hasanaga Pećki, Fehim Spaho Panislamic Idea, Mehmed Spaho Gazi Husrevbeg-A Picture from the Bosnian Past, Osman Nuri Hadžić Safer's order, Milan Prelog The Slovenians in the Past and in the Present Time, Mirza Safvet Historian Anali and Rustem Pasha Skradinac, and many others.

The Behar journal had altogether eleven authors who published their works on historical topics. Some of the works published there have continued to be of some interest for the historians as the example how certain event had been looked upon from that particular time. Their contribution to the Behar journal represented the beginning of critical thinking in the writing about the past and based on the new understanding of history.

One of the Behar's contributors was the famous historian Hamdija Kreševljaković. He appeared for the first time on the journal's pages but not as a historian but as a collector of popular lyrical songs (15) and one short story. His interest in history and its topics grew in the years and decades to come. He published hundreds of articles and many studies about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Ottoman rule. Due to his scholarly results and the esteem he had among the scientists, Hamdija Kreševljaković was elected a corresponding member to the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences /JAZU/ in Zagreb in 1939. This was a great honor because he was the first of Moslem intellectuals ever to be elected into the JAZU.




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