Ruska književnost u Beharu i Gajretu



A selection of Russian literature in the journals from the Revival period that we deal with here neither has an essential difference in terms of the conception of their presence, nor in their overall number. Its selection mostly corresponded to the public function of these journals and their literary foundations. Fiction is the dominant genre in this selection, and, what can be easily understood, a short story, because of the space available in the journals. There is no Russian drama whatsoever and one should remember that this was the time of Chekhov, Gorki and Andreyev.

Generally speaking, the number of works from the Russian literature is rather small in comparison to others, particularly to the French and German ones. It is not easy to ascertain why was it so. Perhaps the absence of cultural ties under the conditions of Austro-Hungarian occupation, the lack of translators, or similar reasons can be given as an explanation. One thing is certain: the complex poetics of Russian symbols that had not only broken but also changed the traditional frames of the Russian poetry in 19th cen- tury could not be fitted into the modest conceptions of these journals in the sphere of lyrical poetry.

Nevertheless, one can find here and there some short stories translated, rarely poems, and almost no plays. Among others, one can find the translated works of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Turgenev, Vladimir Koronenko, V. M. Garshyn, Gorki, Telyeshov and others.




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