Qurʼanic text dating

  • Ismet Bušatlić
  • Hamza Lavić
Keywords: the Quran, inscriptions, events, masjids, mosques, schools, library, shadirvans, drinking fountains, Janok, mudarris


This paper includes examples of the tarikhs (chronograms) composed by means of the Qurʼanic text on the occasion of victories in wars, the completion of the construction of masjids and mosques, schools (muallimhanas), libraries, the water supply system (shadirvans and drinking fountains) and death of the teacher (mudarris). In each of the mentioned cases, the year in which an event occured is indicated by the numerical value of the Arabic letters contained in the selected Qurʼanic text. The content of the text also indicates the outcome of the event, the type, the purpose and function of the building, for which the tarikh was composed, and the total of the numerical values ​​of Arabic letters in the tarikh of the incorporated Qurʼanic text according to the Abjad system contains the Hijri year in which the event took place. This paper encompasses tarikhs on two masjids, a mosque, a mekteb, a library, a shadirvan, two drinking fountains, the year of the conquest of Janok and death of mudarris.

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Bušatlić , I., & Lavić, H. (2022). Qurʼanic text dating. Anali Gazi Husrev-Begove Biblioteke, 29(43), 51-62. https://doi.org/10.51719/25663267.2022.29.43.51