The occupancy right in the works of muslim jurists

  • Husein Kavazović
Keywords: occupancy right, subject and object of the occupancy right, home ownership, lease on residential space, marriage contract, kinship


This paper analyses the occupancy right as a special institution of the Sharia property law and the way in which resident relationships are regulated in Sharia law. Also, the paper shows the complexity of mandatory relationships regarding occupancy rights, between the owner of residential space and the holder of the occupancy right as a residential space user. Considering the basis for the occupancy right, it can be established in residential space for a longer or shorter period of time. The paper aims at bringing us closer to the principles and regulations on which the occupancy right is based in Sharia law, as well as how Sharia jurists drew scientific and legal conclusions on the issue of the occupancy right by changing them to mandatory right provisions.

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Kavazović, H. (2022). The occupancy right in the works of muslim jurists. Anali Gazi Husrev-Begove Biblioteke, 29(43), 5-34.