The Works of Mustafa Ejubović - Šejh Jujo in the Field of Disputation

  • Dževad Gološ
Keywords: Mustafa Ejubović - Šejh Jujo, logic, Arabic logic, disputation, debate


Mustafa Ejubović - Šejh Jujo is one of the most prolific Bosniak writers who wrote in oriental languages. He wrote about almost all Islamic disciplines, and especially about disputation. This paper is a contribution to the study of the written legacy of Mustafa Ejubović. Given that the subject of this paper is disputation, which is considered a branch of logic, this paper gives a brief overview of the development of logic as a discipline, with a special focus on its development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the so-called Arabic logic was studied. This paper gives an overview of ten Ejubović’s works available from the field of disputation. Two of those ten works have been translated into Bosnian, and three have not yet been found. During the analysis of each of the manuscripts, it was concluded that Ejubović left a considerable number of over 400 pages of manuscript text from the field of disputation. After the presentation of his works, the paper gives brief insights into disputation, explaining the basic concepts of the discipline. After that, a brief overview of a debate according to principles of the discipline is given along with quotations from Ejubović’s works, as well as some other works from disputation. His contribution to this discipline deserves much more extensive and detailed work.

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Gološ, D. (2020). The Works of Mustafa Ejubović - Šejh Jujo in the Field of Disputation. Anali Gazi Husrev-Begove Biblioteke, 27(41), 67-84.