The Science of Argumentation in Qirā’āts

  • Dževad Šošić
Keywords: qirāʼāt, argumentation, tafsīr, mutawātir, šāḏḏ


A distinct Qur’anic discipline, which explores the analysis, explanation and argumentation of qirāʼāts, was emerging and developing within the field of exegesis of the Qur’an. The question of qirāʼāts has always been a focal point for Arabic linguists for the purpose of understanding that Qur’anic phenomenon as well as for the purpose of developing linguistic theories, in as much as qirāʼāts were considered to be the main source of argumentation in establishing the norms of Arabic grammar and stylistics. This paper offers a short cross section of the historical development of the science of argumentation in qirāʼāts from early tafsīr contacts with that subject and through writing the first distinct works from that field until contemporary specialist studies and research works.

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