Mula Mohammed Mestvica's medžmua with a special review to its register of pilgrims

  • Omer Mušić, hfz. prof.


Mula Mohammed Mestvica (died in 1864), poet and calligrapher from Sarajevo, left among other of his works one Medžmua (notebook) of various contents. The Medžmua is kept in Oriental Institute in Sarajevo. At some blank pages of it somebody recorded later the names of pilgrims from Sarajevo in the years 1281 - 1287 (1865-1871). The author of this article presented this register of pilgrims, separately of those who had gone to pilgrimage for themselves, then of those ones who had gone for somebody else (and apart for evely indicated year). The index is interesting for more reasons: number of pilgrims from Sarajevo in the indicated years is presen­ted, their social structure and profession is cited too. It is especially interesting that many of them are cited by their surnames which points, among other things, to the families which died out till now.

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