Omer Mušič contribution to the study of our cultural heritage

  • Fehim Nametak, dr.


The author of the article writes about the Omer Mušić's contribution to the study of Oriental manuscripts from the Oriental Institute and Gazi Husrevbey's Library in Sarajevo. Omer Mušić has written a few very important and interesting articles. Especially interesting are his works about the Turkish poems about Saraje­vo and Mostar, Sheik Mohammed from Užice and Mustafa Muhlisija Bošnjak, the poet and writer of travels, Mušić's work on editorial of Čaušević-Pandža's translation of Our'an, the work on the catalogue of Arabic, Turkish and Persian manuscripts in the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo and his pedagogic work in the secondary schools and the faculty are mentioned too.

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