An Unpublished Discussion by Muhamed-efendi Tufo on Sharia Courts

  • Fikret Karčić, dr.
Keywords: sharia, judiciary, Muhamed ef. Tufo


This paper deals with an unpublished debate on Sharia judiciary written by Muhammad ef. Tufo, the modern-day Bosnian alim. The manuscript is in the Gazi Husrev-bey’s Library, registered under number R-8258. It is written in Bosnian with quotations in Arabic language. This paper provides a bio-graphy of the author, a text of discussion, and a brief analysis of it. The main conclusions reached by the author are that Muhammad ef. Tufo considers the judiciary the most important branch of state power, emphasizes the character of a righteous ruler in Islamic thought, and follows Ibn Haldun when it comes to injustice and violence as signs of society’s decadence.