Ibrahim Vehbi - qadi, poet and epigraphist

  • Rusmir Mahmutčehajić, dr.


The author gives new data about the birthtime and the proper name of a Bosnian writer who wrote in Turkish. S. Bašagic assumes that his name was Vehbi Kapić and M. E. Kadić, M. Handžić, H. Šabanović and M. Mujezinović suppose it was Ahmed Vehbi Zekić. Their views are confirmed by two Vehbija's manuscripts from the oriental collection of Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb and two courteous documents from Stolac.

The real name of the author of 22 chronograms, given at the end of the work, Divan and philosophic-poetical discussion in prose was Ibrahim Vehbi. He was born at Stolac, at the beginning of the 18th century as can be concluded on the basis of an older document of the court in Stolac. He was qadi ni many Bosnian towns and died in Travnik after 1232 (1816). Althongh his works present him as an important poet, they are not sufficiently explored.

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