Literary work of Ḥasan bin Nasuh in Fayruz - Addendum to biography of Ḥasan ibn Nasuh ibn Fayruz

  • Dževad Gološ, hafiz Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina


Ḥasan ibn Naṣūḥ ibn Fayrūz is one of the most prolific Bosnian and Herzegovinian authors in the field of Islamic law- fiqh. Not much is known of his biography except that he was an alim, most probably performing a duty of a mufti and khadi, and that he was active out of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He left behind 11 works with which most of our historians and orientalists were not familiar with. This modest research into the manuscripts by Ibn-Naṣūḥ revealed yet four more so far unknown works.

Two of them deal with Islamic law, both being autographs. Special attention has been paid two the two of his works: Mağmaʻ al-maḏhabayn i Ğamʻ al-maḏāhib. Particularly interesting is the one that offers an interpretation from the shafi’i mezheb perspective. This is due to the fact that the author belonged to hanefi mezheb and tried to explain the difference between hanefis and shafis. In the second one, the author gives a comment on all four law teachings. It can the- refore be said that he was the only author from this region who wrote in the manner of comparative fiqh, i.e. who encompassed all four mezhebs.