Vakfs in Modriča, Bosanski Šamac and Odžak

  • Nusret Kujraković, mr.ef. Medžlis islamske zajednice Gradačac


The work is focused on the vakfs in Bosanska Posavina, in Modrica, Odzak and Bosanski Samac. It deals with the issue of the area / size of the vakfs, and in particular shows the nationalization of the vakfs according to the Law on Nationalization of Leased Buildings and Construction Land of 1958. Vakfs property consisted of land plots and vakf utility and educational buildings (shops, inns, mosques, maktabs, and madrasas). Vakfs were at the heart of the emergence and development of these three places and they made outstanding contributions to religious-educational and social life of the time. Total area of the vakf in Modriča was 159.932 m2, in Odžak 163.122 m2, and in Bosanski Šamac 16.745 m2. After the nationalization law, the vakfs were taken from the Islamic community, their original purpose was changed, and eventually they were gradually destroyed. Indemnities have never been paid. In Modriča, Odžak and Bosanski Šamac, according to the Nationalization Act of 1958, three residential and commercial buildings with a total area of 450 m2 were nationalized; in Odžak, six residential and business buildings with a total area of 673 m2, and in Bosanski Šamac, six residential and business buildings with a total area of 718 m2. Altogether, fifteen residential and busi- ness buildings with an area of 1,841 m2 were nationalized.

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