Forgotten muderris, munla, vaiz, and donator Ahmed ibn Mustafa Logavija 1650?-1717

  • Haso Popara, hafiz Gazi Husrev-begova biblioteka


Based on unpublished court documents from the beginning of the 18th century, the author investigates the life path, from the birth and initial education in Sarajevo, to  the  departure  and  continuation  of  education in Istanbul, to obtaining the mulazamet and taking the apprenticeship examination, of Ahmed effendi, son of Mustafa effendi Logavija, known under the nickname of Uššaki-zade Damadi, and from 1099/1688 to 1128/1716.

He chronologically follows his movement in service: from the muderris of Čauš basha Madrasa 1099/1688, Saray Galata madrasa 1108/1697, Kenan-pasha madrasa 1114/1702, Mahmud-pasha madrasa 1115/1703, and Atik Nishanji- pasha madrasa 1118/1707 in Istanbul, then the muderrsis of Gazi Husrev- bey's Madrasah in Sarajevo, 1119 / 1707-1123 / 1712, the Sarajevo munla 1119 / 1707-08, the Sarajevo Mufti 1119 / 1707-1123 / 1712, Vaiz in Ferhad- bey (Ferhadija) mosque in Sarajevo, 1119/1708, the founder of a monetary vakf for the Hajji Hasan mosque in Kreševo in 1119/1707, a khadi in Tripolis in Sham 1124/1712, to a period of joblessness, returning to Sarajevo, and submitting of arshuhal to Sheikh-l-Islam on 27 Muharram 1128 (January 23, 1716), asking him to assign him to the position of the munla in Medina or any other service he could live on, repay debts and support the family.

The paper argues for the first time that the Ahmed-effendi's contemporary Hashini- effendi Muzaferi was not a muderris of the Gazi Husrev-bey madrasah, as he was believed to be, but of some lower madrasah called Buq'a Ṣāliḥiyya that was destroyed in a great fire during the invasion of Sarajevo by Eugene of Savoy in 1697, for which we do not even know where it was located. The paper also points to a series of mistakes in the previous works on Ahmed- effedni’s vakf in Kreševo. At the end of the paper, the author, with brief comments, brings the integral text of Ahmed-effendi's endowment chart in the original Ottoman Turkish, translated into the Bosnian language.

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