Development of Jewish community in Sarajevo by end 17'th century

  • Aladin Husić, dr. Orijentalni institut, Univerzitet u Sarajevu


The formation and development of the Jewish community in Sarajevo is accompanied by numerous uncertainties to which answers that could eliminate the doubts arising from individual interpretations have not been found yet. The author chronologically follows the news in published sources of various provenances, critically questions some of the already accepted opinions in historical literature, but also compares them with unpublished sources, both with those that were partly used in the literature and with those yet unknown or not sufficiently explored. This approach resulted in two separate components. The first is of dominantly synthetizing and critical character with the elements of a new original perspective, while in the second one, the author presents a census of Sarajevo’s Jews from the end of the 17th century, which may serve as an argumentation for some of the theses deriving out of this paper.

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