Basic principles of mu‘tazilah theological and legal teaching

  • Husein Kavazović, Reisu-l-ulema Islamska zajednica u Bosni i Hercegovini
Keywords: mu‘tazile, razum, slobodna volja, dobro i zlo, ljudsko djelovanje, ljudska odgovornost, reason, free will, good and evil, human activity, human responsibility


In the theological-legal thought, the study of mutazilah is considered to be the starting point for the emergence of natural-legal theories with Muslims. Their study of free will, reason, good and evil, the nature of the human act, human responsibility, the nature of God’s announcement, etc., has led some authors to determine that this is about the beginning of the formation of a new direction on the basis of natural theology and law. In this work, we wanted to analyze the possibilities of research in this direction by brief analysis of several classical and modern authors.

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