Two versions of the chronicle on Mekam-i Ibrahim

  • Ismet Kasumović, dr.


Among the works of Ali dede Bošnjak, the Chronicle on Makam-i Ibrahim holds a special place as the most complate work about this buildinig in the Kaba. lt was written in two versions: the first one is a report to the Sultan concerming the completion of restoration work on the building entitled »Tamkinu l~Maqam fi Masgidi 1-haram« (The Establishing of Maqam in the Holy Place) and the second version is a treatise, that is, an extenisive workjchronicle about this building called »Fadlu l-Maqam wa l-Masgidi l-haram« (The value of Maqam and the Holy Place).

In ithis paper both versions are presented, pointing to the number of similarities and differences between them. The extract from the last chapter, dealing with the desoription of the building and its construction is also presented together with the text of a hujjet (court document) about the restoration, and also several verses composed by the author of the tractate in the Arabic language on the occasion of the completion of these works.
This article also describes the formal structure and the contents of cited versions with special stress on the chapter relating to the »avails« connected to this object where its esoteric and exoteric dimension is presented; that is, the history of this construction is completed from its origin to the restoration at the beginning of the 17th century. In this way, the notion of the Chronicle is completed too.

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