A survey of the two manuscripts in Turkish language

  • Fejzulah Hadžibajrić, prof.


In this article the author described two manuscripts from the special fund for manuscripts in the Gazi Husrev-beys Library. The first manuscript is from the field of medical science and the second one from the athics of work. The medical manuscript is a supplement to the work »Menafiunnas« by Nidai. This is a register of diseases and medicines composed by Hadji Edhem Misirlić-Cvancika, the Sheikh of Hadji Sinan tekya in Sarajevo. He named it »Fihristetu min Mehafiunnas ve min ba'dil-mualedžeti«. More than a thousand diseases and medicines were listed in the register.

The second work is the so-called »Futuvvet«. The most adequate translation would be »The Ethics of Work«. It concerns handicraft, and also a study of behavior toward master and customers. This work is of great importance for research into the history of handicrafts and work in general, because it can be seen from it what a man should be careful of during the learning of handicrafts and his behavior during work.

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