The analisys of a manuscript on astronomy in the Gazi Husrev-bey's library

  • Zalkida Hadžibegović, dr.


A great amount of documentary materials useful for research in the development of the natural-mathematical Sciences is preserved in Bosnia and Herzegovina in institutions such as The Oriental Institute, The Archives of Herzegovina in Mostar and in some institutions of the religious communities, such the Gazi Husrevbeg Library, the Franciscan monasteries at Kraljeva Sutjeska, Fojoica and Kreševo as well as in private collections.
The Gazi Husrevbeg Library (MS no. 2881) contains the only copy of the work »Mulahas fi al-hay'a« (a scientific treatise on astronomy) as well as some commentaries by various authors in this work.
The work was written by Mahmud b. Muhammad b. Omar al-Gagmini al-Hwarizmi, who lived in Persia and died in 1220.
The transcript of this work was made in Turkey in the 17th century.
It can be assumed that this work, as well as other similar ones, was brought by people traveling to and from Istanbul.
The work consists of an introduction and two chapters. The first chapter has five parts and the second three parts.

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