Description of the manuscript on mathematics entitled »Hulasa Al-Hisab«

  • Dževad Zečić, prof.dr.


The work on mathematics entitled »Hulasa al-hisab« (Substance of mathematics) was written by Bahaadin Muhammad b. Husayn al-Amili who was born in Balbaka on February 9, 1547, and later lived in Iran. At the court of Shah Abaz I at Isfahan he enjoyed a great reputation as a Sheikh of Islam. There he died on August 31, 1621.
The work consists of an introduction, ten chapters and an epilogue which designates all the mathematical problems which he had treated until that time.
There are many translations of this work, some of which are housed in the Gazi Husrevbeg Library.
The work is mostly of an encyclopaedic character. It was popular from the XVIIth to the XIXth century, as numerous translations testify.

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