Several poems from Ilhamia's divan

  • Muhamed Hadžijamaković


Albdulvehab Žepčak Iihamija (Žepče, 1773 — Travnik, 1821) was a known muderis, writer and poet. He wrote and composed in the Serbo-Croatian (he called it Bosnian), Arabic and Turkish languages. He wrote one religious handbook in Turkish entitled »Tuhfa al-musallin wa dubaa al-našiin«, and a second shorter work called »Ilmihal«. In addition to his poems in Serbo-Croatian, he left a complete Divan of poems in Turki'sh and Arabic.
The author of this paper translated both, the »Tuhfat al-musallin« and »Divan« into Serbo — Croatian. They are to be published soon. This paper presents several of Ihamia’s poems, translated from Turkish.

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