Manuscripts of Mehmed Handžić in the Gazi Husrev-bey's library

  • Osman Lavić, mr.


In this article the manuscripts of Mehmed Handžić (died 1944) are presented in a catological way.
He was one of the latest writers in this area who wrote in the Oriental languages. The Gazi Husrev-bey's Library possesses 16 codices — autographs, probably unique, with ten original and 13 transcribed works in the Arabic language by this author.
Except for the religious treatises and the works on the history of Islam, he especially dedicated his research to the creation of Bosnian an Herzegovinian Muslims in Oriental languages and to Alhamiado literature.
With more than three-hundred published-works, plus the manuscripts here presented (none of which is printed), Mehmed Handžić made a significant contribution to the development of Yugoslav Oriental studies.

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