Gazi Husrev - bey in Bosnian literature

  • Alija Nametak


In the period from the begining of this century several Bosnian writers have writen about Gazi Husrev-bey and his foundations. Edhem Mulabdić wrote two novelettes about Gazi Husrev-bey and his mosques: "(Ihtijar) The old man Sejfo" and "In Harem yard of Bey' s mosque", and registered one folk song "Husref-bey's lament". Nikola Buconjić (1865.-1947.) composed a poem "Gazi Husrev-bey" in the form of folk tensyllabic epic poem.

Rešad Kadić (b. 1912.) composed a poem "Gazi Husrev-bey" poetically inspired, divided in songs: Arrival, Sarajevo, Oath, Mosque, White town, Sower of good, Deadly dawn and Legend. The work is printed in 1966. and the public accepted it warmly, and all printing (10000 copies) were sold in short time from publishing.

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