Inpublished inscritions from Gazi Husrev - bey's edifices in Sarajevo

  • Mehmed Mujezinović, ef. prof.


About Gazi Husrev-bey's foundation has been writen several monographs, where, along with description of his foundations we find also the inscriptions from his edifices: mosques, medresses and turbe (his and of the first manager of his foundations, Murat-bey Tardić). In this article the author Mehmed Mujezinović publishes four inscriptions from Gazi Husrev-bey's foundations, unpublished till today. These are: Chronogram about renewal of Husrev-bey's musafirhana and Hanikaha from 1274. (1857-58.); two chronograms about building of Husrev-bey's muvekithana in the yard of his mosque from 1275. (1858-59.), and chronogram about renewal and enlarging of the door in the harem of  Husrev-bey's mosque from the year 1278. (1961-62.).

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