Medžmua (collection) of Abdulkerim, qadi of Tešanj in the XIX'th century

  • Muhamed Ždralović, prof.dr.


Mehmed Bajraktarević  of  Tešanj  possesses a very  interesting  Medžmua which is of great importance for study of the history o f Yugoslav countries under Ottoman rule, especially for the study of  local history  of Tešanj.

Though the Medžmua got its definite form yet in the XIX th century it contains w orks transcribed much earlier. How ever, the most interesting  parts  of  it  are:  pages 52b- 55b which contain a letter of Sheik of Užice Muhamed dated from  2 April 1748 to Belgrade pasha Muhamed, pages 61b- 62a w ith a Kasida  in Arabic, Turkish and Persian language about the conquest of the Niš fortress under leadership of Ahmed  pasha in 1737, and pages 44a- 46b which  contain a transcription o f Waqfnama of Iskender's son Ferhad- bey from Tešanj. This Waqfnama is translated because of its great importance for understanding of the conditions in Tešanj in the XV Ith century. The Medžmua itself changed several owners in course of the time. It was called Abdulkerim 's Medžmua because he gave the definite form to it an wrote in its pages the largest number of notes.


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