Three manuscripts of "Makbuli-'arif" ("Potur- šahidije")

Potur- šahidije

  • Alija Nametak


From the oldest and most beautiful manuscript specimen of "Makbuli  'arif" only one page is preserved, where the end of the introductory in verse is and the beginning of the first chapter. It is found in Gazi Husrev- bey's Library .

The oldest Bosnian (Serbo  Croat)  — Turkish  dictionary  "Makbuli  'arif"  or "Potur- Šahidi" was compiled in 1041 (1637) by Muhamed Hevai Uskufi Tuzlak. The dictionary is in verse and has 13 chapters. It was spread by means of transcription and the first one who published it was the Prussian consul of Sarajevo Dr.  O tto Blau  in Leipzig 1868 in the book  "Bosnisch-  Turkische Sprachdenkmaler". Derviš M. Korkut also published this dictionary under the title  "Makbuli  i 'aryf"  (Potur- Šahidija)  of Uskufi Bosnevi" in "Glasnik of National Museum  in  Sarajevo",  year  L IV -  1942,  at pages 371- 408. The author of this article published this dictionary together with some others in edition of Section for Philology o f Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. ("Material for the History of Croatian Literature"  — book 29, Zagreb  1968, pages 231- 380) under the title "Handwritten Turkish- Serbocroatian dictionaries". Recently, the  author  of  this  article  found  two  manuscript  specimens  of  "Makbuli 'arif"  (potur  Šahidija"  in  the  Archives  of  Sarajevo).  One  manuscript  (MS  262)  was written in 1276 (1859/60) by Uskufi Muhamed Halifa and transcribed by Šakir.

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