Šerhi Wasiyyetname i bergiwi with translation on Serbian-Croatian language

  • Salih Trako, prof.ef.


In this short work one example of Alhamiado literature at the ground of Yugoslavia is presented. The manuscript  No. 4609 vvhich is kept in Oriental Institute in Sarajevo is being discussed. It is a comentary on religious- scientific work Wasiyyetnama (Šerhi Wasiyyetnama) which was very popular in a greater part of Ottoman Empire and served several centuries as the textbook for religious instruction. Wasiyyetnama was written by Muhammed b. Pir Ali in Turkish language 1562. Commentary on this work (Šerhi Wasiyyetnama) was written by Sheik Sadruddin Konyevi  1702  in  Turkish  language  too. Several years later this commentary of Konyevi was translated to Serbo Croat by an unknown translator, who also rew rote it in 1708. This manuscript is presented in the article. The manuscript is important because of many reasons. This is one of the older documents of Alhamiado literature on the ground  of Yugoslavia. The complete document is translated in Serbo Croat language by a native man. The manuscript presents the valuable source for a study of Serbo Croat language at the beginning of 18 th century and it is  interesting for science, especially for Slavic studies.

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