Income and expenses of Gazi Husrevbey's Waqf f in Sarajevo for period 1248.-1251. (1832.-1835.)

  • Rašid Hajdarević


When the fire that broke out in Sarajevo in 1831, Gazi Husrev-bey's  Waqf was heavily damaged. Majority of  its useful  buildings were burnt down. The representative of the estate manager of this Waqf, Ahmed Munib effendi Glodjo had almost all burnt buildings of this Waqf, renovated during the period 1832- 1835.

The expenses for the construction of these buildings and the incomes of them as well, he recorded in a special notebook which is together with other materials of his inheritance deposited in Historical Archives in Sarajevo. On the basis of this  notebook the author of the article described, in detail, the incomes and expenses of Gazi Husrev- bey Waqf from  1832- 1835.

The data from this notebook are very important for the history of  this,  in Bosnia  and  Herzegovina,  the  greatest  and  richest Waqf.


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