Husrevbey's work and time spent in Dalmatia

  • Seid Mustafa Traljić, prof.


Historical works vritten about Husrev-bey until now contain only few data regarding his ties with Dalmatia. In this article the author presents all that Husrev-bey did in that neighboring region during his governorship in Bosnia. He was mostly fighting in that region and conquered several towns (Knin, Skradin, Obrovac, Ostrovica, Klis, Vrana, Nadin). He worked on establishing constant frontiers and friendly relations with Venice republic. Numerous documents, cited here, discuss about this. He  also  bequeathed  several properties in  Dalmatia  for his  mosque  in Sarajevo. He used to maintain friendship with Venice doge and  intprincipal governor for Dalmatia, interceding according to need, in favour of some people. At the end of this article the author talks about his office and brings two shorter letters in original.


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