Calligraphy in Turbes of Gazi Husrev-bey and Murad-bey in Sarajevo

  • Haris Dervišević, dr.
Keywords: Islamska kaligrafija, Gazi Husrev-beg, Hadži hafiz Rakim- efendija Islamović, Ali Faginović, Akif Hadžihuseinović


Text draws attention to the calligraphic cycles in turbes of Gazi Husrev- bey and Murad-bey in Sarajevo. Through comparative analysis considering the artistic style, author came to conclusion that three calligraphers were involved in decorating the turbes: Hadži Hafiz Husejin Rakim-efendi Islamović, Ali-efendi Faginović and Akif-efendi Hadžihuseinović.

The works of the first two are found in the Gazi Husrev-bey turbe, eight inscriptions of Islamović and sixteen of Faginović, while seven calligraphic inscriptions of Hadžihuseinović are placed in turbe of Murad-bey. Calligraphers chose ğalƯ ܔuluܔ script as best appropriate for the calligraphic composition. On the basis of colors and forms, inscriptions could be classified into two  groups: the group of spherical inscription with golden letters on the green  background (Islamović, Hadžihuseinović) and the group of inscriptions with gold letters on white (Faginović). Calligraphy in turbes was done  between the 1893rd and 1895th.

This work is a small step in the field of Islamic art in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian period. Its main goal is to draw attention to the unknown field.

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