Fatwas by Hasan Kafija Pruščak

  • Osman Lavić, mr.
Keywords: Hasan Kafija Pruščak, muftija, Prusac, fetva, Akhisar


Hasan Kafija Pruščak is, without any doubt, among our most prominent writers in oriental languages. As far as it is known by now, he left 17 smaller and larger works dealing with various scientific fields. He wrote on philology, Islamic faith, law, logics, sociology, stylistics, politics, and history. In addition to writing, Kafija was recognized as kadi, mufti, calligrapher, and founder of some significant religious and educational institutions in Prusac. This paper for the first time presents four fatwas by Hasan Kafija Pruščak. We know for sure that he issued two of them at the end of the first decade of 17th century in the capacity of the first mufti of Klis sanjak at the request of mutawalli of Kizlaraga’s wakf in Vrcar Vakuf (Mrkonjić Grad). The fatwas deal with agrarian-legal relations and are written in Ottoman –Turkish language.

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