Probate list of one pasha’s daugter from 1727

  • Haso Popara, hafiz
Keywords: Hatidža-hanuma, Šahin-paša, Sejfullah-paša, Hajdar-beg, Šahinpašić, Abdullah-paša, Glasinac, Visoko, Crna Rijeka, Sarajevo


The paper provides an analysis of the list and distribution of the estate of deceased madam Hatidža, daughter of Šahin-pasha Glasinčanin, as well as of other unpublished documents from the 17th and beginning of 18th century. It explains family and in law relationships among several important historical Bosnian figures who occupied high ranking and statesmen positions, and corrects some false interpretations contained  in  our  historical  literature, not only regarding their origin but their names too. The paper indisputably proves that her first husband, Sejfullah-pasha, Herzegovinian sanjak-bey and Bosnian beylerbey did not originate from Maglaj or Tešanj but from Glasinac and that his name was not Sefer-pasha.

Madam Hatidža was a sister of Hajdar-bey Šahinpašić, the deftedar of Temishvar, and mother of Abdullah- pasha, sanjakbey of Skopje, and mother in law of Ferhad-bey Ferhatpašić, capatain of Banja Luka who was ćehaja of her first husband Sejfullah-pasha. After Sejfullah-pasha’s death, madam Hatidža married Ahmed-agha, son of Hasan-basha from the village of Čekrekčije near Visoko who appeared as her inheritor.

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