Nationalization of town waqh in Gradačac 1974.

  • Nusret Kurijaković,
Keywords: vakuf, Islamska zajednica, nacionalizacija, Gradačac, urbanizacija


This article deals with the question of nationalization of town waqh in Gradačac which was conducted according to a municipality decision from 1974. The total surface of nationalized waqf was 60,033 square meters. Nationalization included seven urban waqfs, and five of them were waqf of Gradaščević bey family from Gradačac. The law regzlated compensation for nacionalized waqh was generally not paid. As a result the Islamic community in Gradačac suffered significant financial and land losses. Some of the nationalized waqf was used to build schools, courts, shops and individual residential buildings. It is a kind of contribution of the benefactors and waqf to the urbanization of Gradačac. The destruction of the old cemetery permanently destroyed one part of the local memorial culture. The Islamic community of Gradačac started the process of denationalization of unbuilt nationalized waqf pursuant to the 2003 Law on Construction Land of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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