Đulistan - a literary historical monograph and bibliography

  • Nusret Kujraković, mr.ef.
Keywords: Đulistan, časopis, bibliografija, žensko pitanje, emancipacija


This article offers a literary-historical monograph and bibliography of Đulistan, the first Bosniak magazine for women. As such it also represents a modest contribution to bibliography of Bosnian periodicals. Đulistan was published between March to May 1926. The magazine is significant mainly from the point of cultural history as its publication represents an important event between the two world wars. The publication served as a voice of the Bosniak feminist movement which emerged around and was based on an Islamic feminism. The institutional framework of the movement were Đulistan's action boards consisting of men's and women's sections. The maga- zine promoted a moderately modernist orientation and a middle way between radical and conservative approaches to resolving the Bosniak woman question. This path of changes has been effected through education and evolution, not revolution. The role of the magazine in promoting articles by Bosniak women is of historical significance. However, Đulistan did not play a greater role in addressing the question of Bosniak women due to its short life of only three months.

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