Bibliography of Anali Gazi - Husrev begove biblioteke vol. I-XXX

  • Osman Lavić, mr.
Keywords: Anali Gazi Husrev-begove biblioteke, Bibliografija


As stated in its first issue, Anali Gazi Husrev-begove biblioteke were la- unched in 1972 with the aim of furthering the main task of Gazi Husrev-begova Library, which is the scholarly study of its manuscripts and of various issues in the field of Islamic studies and Bosnian history.

This bibliography consists of 394 articles which have appeared in 16 vo- lumes to date on 5,032 pages and penned by 148 authors. In terms of the pre- sented content, the names of the authors are ordered alphabetically, with each author’s works given in chronological order. The title of each article is given in Bosnian with an English translation.

The aim of the bibliography is to make the diverse material published in

Anali more accessible to survey and use.

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