History of Tešanj and its environs in the 18th century

  • Enes Pelidija, prof.dr.
Keywords: Osmanska vlast, Tešanj, Tešanjska tvrđava, Habzburška monarhija, XVII-XVIII stoljeće, razvoj, zanati


Tešanj ranks among the more prominent towns of Ottoman Bosnia. Unlike most urban centres that appeared and grew in the 15th and 16th centuries, Tešanj started its urban, economic and military development following the peace treaty of Karlowitz in 1699. In order to understand the reasons for its late development in comparison with other towns of the eyalet of Bosnia, the article presents the facts which influenced such a development, particularly in the introduction.

Special attention is paid to circumstances in and around Tešanj at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The most significant event of the period is the successful defence of the town and its fortress from the Habsburg armies led by Prince Eugene of Savoy, the general's only military failure during his the campaign of October and November of 1697.

It is only after making these introductory remarks that one can speak of Tešanj and its environs in the 18th century. Basic information about the admin- istrative organisation and urban appearance of the town is provided. Attention is given to the kapetanija and fortress of Tešanj. A number of facts about the military importance of the area for the subsequent plans for a more successful defence of this part of Bosnia in the 18th century is offered. In addition to previous knowledge about the kapetanija and the kapetans of Tešanj, new data concerning Tešanj fortress, its reconstruction and the size of the garrison are given, too.

In order to understand better the conditions in Tešanj and its environs, social life and social conditions typical for its citizens are presented, including many interesting events from the every day life based on published and unpublished sources as well as on scholarly literature. Due to its special position during the great revolt of 1747-1757, the thematic and chronological presentation of all instances of popular dissatisfaction towards local and provincial government are given. The central role in the events was played by Abdurahman Muharemi, the former kadi of Sarajevo and the contemporary kadi of Tešanj. Numerous events revolving around this most prominent leader of the revolt are given, including his tragic end. The final part of the article deals with Tešanj’s čaršija and its economic activities, the most important economic activities of the population of Tešanj and its environs during the 18th century.

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