Fond knjiga na evropskim jezicima u Gazi Husrev - begovoj biblioteci


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Gazi Husrev-begova biblioteka, knjižni fondovi, evropski knjižni fond, privatne biblioteke, biblioteka Osmana Asafa Sokolovića, biblioteka Muhameda Hadžijahića, biblioteka Sinanudina Sokolovića.


In this work the collection of books in European languages were introduced and presented. This book collection originated from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century with the coming of Austro-Hungary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of monographic publications on Bosnian and other European languages. The core of this collection presented works of Bosnian-Hercegovinian authors, works on Bosnia and Herzegovina and its population. The important collection within this book stock is collection of alhamiado literature which deals with works written in Arabic alphabet in Bosnian language.

As is the case of other collections in the Library, this collection has also been extended by acquisition of books by donation of private libraries of prominent Muslim scholars. Among such private collections it is important to mention the libraries of Osman Asaf Sokolović, Muhamed Hadžijahić, Sinanudin Sokolović and others. Today this collection is being expanded by purchasing of all publications relevant to this library.





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