Dokumenti o gradačačkom muftiji hadži hafizu Ahmed-ef. Mulaibrahimoviću (Svircu)


Ključne riječi:

h. hfz. Ahmed ef. Mulaibrahimović (Svirac), dokumenti, Gradačac, knjige


The topic of this work is the presentation of documents (berat, idjazetnama, vakufnama, iznama, statesment) which are related to the mufti of Gradačac hajji hafiz Ahmed ef. Mulaibrahimović (Svirac). Mufi of Gradačac was one of the most influential and the most respectful figures in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the thirties of the 19th century and up to 1883 when he died. He belongs to the well known Gradačac’s family Muftić, which played very important role in the religious educational as well as cultural life of Muslims of Gradačac and surrounding areas.

The documents have extraordinary historiographical and cultural value, because they give relevant and reliable information about status and position, education, appointments and other feature from the life of Gradačac’s mufti and history of Gradačac. These documents present an important contribution to the biography of Gradačac’s mufti hajji hafiz Ahmed ef. Mulaibrahimović (Svirac) and the study of cultural history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially Gradačac’s history. Unfortunately, a significant number of presented documents, which were recorded in literature, have not been preserved.




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