Sufije i kadizadelije u Osmanskom Sarajevu


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Sarajevo, 18. stoljeće, kadizadelije, sufije, medžmua, Mula Mustafe Bašeskije


In this work we talk about presence of Islamic religious fanaticism (muteassiba) in town of Sarajevo in 18th century. The author’s discussion is based on the notebook of muteassib which Mula Mustafa Bašeski, citizen of Sarajevo, made in his notes (majmua) between 1760 to 1805. According to written observation of Mula Mustafa Bašeski who was contemporary of the event about which he made note, religious fanaticism in Sarajevo was induced by one preacher (vaiz) who came from Amasi. The contents of notes show that Sarajevo fanatics wanted to influence religious life in town in same way as kadizade did in Istanbul in 17th century. And in fact, Mula Mustafa Bašeski in his notes refers to Sarajevo’s fanatics as kadizade.

From the private notes of Mula Mustafa Bašeskija, it could be seen that he was intolerant towards religious fanaticism. Because of that fact, the author of this work has tried to show that, such attitude of Mula Mustafa Bašeski came from his understanding and explanation of Islam: he was Islamic mystic (sufi) and follower of rational explanation of religion. In this work we have analyzed different situations from the life of town of Sarajevo which shows misunderstanding, intolerance and even conflicts among reli- gious fanatics and sufis.




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