Maglaj during the early Ottoman period (15th and 16th century)

  • Aladin Husić, prof.dr.
Keywords: Maglaj, posada, urbani razvitak, privreda, duhovnost


This work attempts to point out some of the historical fluctuations during one period in the history of the town of Maglaj and reflections of the fluctuations in it. The aim is to offer more new details about the history of Maglaj as well as to contextualize the already known information. This work deals with the history in the early Ottoman period in the 15th and 16th centuries by focusing on: the status of Maglaj after 1463, the military life of Maglaj until the end of 16th century, the development of urban settlements and agricultural activities of the town.

The findings show that the history of Maglaj was very dynamic. As a location with good strategic, communication and agricultural featues, it was easy for Maglaj to succeed in all fields and to achieve a very high level of development early on. All this contributed to the importance of Maglaj in the history of Bosnia in the above-mentioned time period. This led Maglaj to be one of the important military and strategic locations and later to be one of the more developed towns of the Bosnian sanjak.

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