Contributions for history of waqf in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Mina Kujović, prof.


Research work undertaken by Mina Kujović dealt with archive col- lections of Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which contains materials of great significance for understanding of history of Bosnia and Herzegovina from second half of 19th century until present. A significant number of these documents is related to activities of Provincial Waqf Committee and independent waqfs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Earliest documents concerning work of waqfs are those of Joint Ministry of Finance, Bosnia and Herzegovina branch (1878- 1918), Provincial government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1878-1918), and Shar’a High Court in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1879-1946).

Information about building, partial renovation, reconstruction of these institutions of cultural, educational, agricultural and political im- portance of that period, is much more than just mere administrative records, mathematical numbers, financial spending etc. Behind these apparently dull data lay fundamental mosaics of our history not yet fully discovered.

It is from this perspective that we should consider the importance of this short text by Mina Kujović.

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