Muslimani i Evropa s kraja 19. i početka 20. stoljeća



An encounter between Islam and Europe towards the end of 19th and at the beginning of 20th century takes place after Islam and Judaism have been removed from Europe (Spain), and the establishment of Imper- ial spiritual  thinking  on  the achievements  of  Christian  ideology. The Moslems entered into this encounter mostly with their oriental and romantic heritage and a strong and rather stable Qur'anic fundament. During the entire period, the encounter will be defined by these positions.

Europe will offer to Islam and Moslems both the heritage of the French Revolution and the ideas of the most prominent spokesman of Europe, Immanuel Kant. One part of Islamic intellectuals has been charmed by the aforementioned. They will try to resolve the meeting between the Moslem and Europe in this way. On behalf of Moslems, Jamaluddin Afghani played an important role in this process. The Moslems managed to retain their identity because they relied mostly to Qur'an. They have tried to find a common ground with Europe on such foundations.

We do hope that this encounter between Islam and Europe at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century will continue to happen in the future in the form of getting closer to each other, but with the mutual respect of both sides and without some well-known examples of European exclusiveness that had been present in the past.




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