Orthographic Characteristics of the Most Notable Manuscript Nightingales Garden (Bolbolestan) authored by Fevzi Mostarac

  • Namir Karahalilović, prof.dr.
Keywords: Fevzija Mostarac, Perivoj slavuja (Bolbolestān), OZHA-6, ortografske karakteristike


Except for one brief treatise by Abdullah Bosnjak, the Nightingales Garden (Bolbolestān) by Fevzi Mostarac is the only prose work within the Bosniak literary heritage that is in Persian. Eight handwritten copies of the work are known to exist. The most important of them is kept in the Oriental Collection Archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (OZHA), under inventory number OZHA-6. In this paper the orthographic characteristics of the manuscript are analyzed, and in accordance with the usual chronological classification of manuscripts, as defined in modern Persian codicology.