On Mosques in Herzegovina at the end of the 17. century

  • Faruk Taslidža, dr. sc.
Keywords: Morejski rat, Hercegovački sandžak, džamija, kadiluk, nahija


The Morean war (1684-1699) ended the urban and total development of small(er) towns and villages in Herzegovina Sanjak. We can consider war destructions, caused by Venetians’ military actions, to be on a level of an urbicide. It was particularly stressed in the western parts of the Sanjak, that were being attacked by Dalmatian insurgents. Destroyed mosques during that war were never reconstructed, so, eventually, any trace of their existence was almost wiped out. No better situation was in South-eastern Herzegovina either, which experienced devastation on the hands of various outlaw groups from Boka in the last decades of the XVII century. However, after the end of the Morean war, the Ottoman state dedicated more attention to the development of the communities east the Neretva River, and, as a part of that, local Islamic sacred facilities were reconstructed. Newer research, based on Ottoman documents, have corrected existing writings on Herzegovina mosques and their benefactors.

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