The importance of pausal and initial forms in Tafsir science

  • Mensur Malkić, mr. hfz.
Keywords: Qur'an, Tafsir, Ta'wil, Qira'at, contextual forms, pausal forms, initial forms


The focus of this paper is an analysis of the importance of pausal and initial forms in the Tafsir science, on the example of the verses from the sura Āli ‘Imrān. It discusses the basic concepts of Tafsir and Ta’wīl, and contextu-alizes pausal and initial forms as places of change in the understanding of the Qur’anic text. The issues of diversity of Qirāʼat versions are also discussed, which open up the possibility of a better understanding and interpretation of the verse, that ultimately further reveals the immeasurable richness of the Qur’anic semantics.